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Business Planning Ideas


Financing for your Business For many growing companies, a large percentage of working capital is tied up in accounts receivable. Some businesses that extend credit have as much as 20 percent of their annual sales outstanding. Of course, receivables help to grow your company's balance sheet but they're not much use when you need money.

One way to get a quick infusion of cash is to turn to a little-known service called "factoring." With this option, your company sells its accounts receivable to a bank or financing firm and it assumes the risk of collection Click here for more information.

Flexible Spending Accounts provide tax-free benefits for employees and tax savings for employers. These tax incentive based programs are good for employers and employees and their tax savings can offset the costs.

Increasing Company Profits Involves ALL Employees    It's easy for employees to begin to view their jobs narrowly, and forget that they may be able to contribute to the economic health of the business. Ask your staff, including managers and supervisors, to compile a checklist of ways that each department can meet — and exceed — the company’s profit projections. If they know  to look for, your employees will come up with dozens of suggestions

Avoiding Harassment Claims It's probably impossible for your company to eliminate any chance of harassment, but there are precautions you can take to help win a lawsuit filed by an employee.

Resolve Customer Billing Disputes Promptly  If you find that more than five  to 10 percent of your accounts receivable are late because they are lying in the "dispute" category, take corrective action to shift them  into the "paid" category

Accounts Receivable Receivables don’t have much value if they aren’t turned into cash.Your company really needs to keep tight control on its invoices outstanding so you can get an accurate picture of the receivables situation and take steps to improve the turnover of those accounts.

Intellectual Property One of the most costly— yet easily prevented — disasters for any business is the failure to secure ownership of intellectual property (IP).

Employee Hiring and Compensation  Salaries are a tough expense for most businesses. You want to hold them down but reigning them in too tightly doesn't always work well. Good employees can find work elsewhere and replacing them can cost a bundle.So, if you're in a spot where every salary dollar counts, here are eight ideas for getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Business Method Patents It may be possible for you to get a patent on the way you do business and prevent rivals from stealing your unique approach.

Employee Benefit Cost Sharing The national average paid out by employers for employee benefits is 39 percent of total payroll costs. Cost sharing is the only  practical solution for employers.

Keeping Good Employees  In today’s competitive marketplace, you probably want employees who have more than education and experience. Most likely, you’re also looking for people with creativity, attitude, personality and goals. Just make sure you have the type of workplace where ambitious, high-energy staff members can thrive. Here are seven smart workplace characteristics that can keep top employees satisfied.

Add-Ons Can Bring More Sales and Happier Customers  Train your sales people in ways to double or triple sales by using the  “add-on” technique.

Business Gift Giving - Increasing the Deduction  Uncle Sam can be stingy when it comes to business gifts. In general, you can only write off up to $25 per person per year. But there’s a tax-wise maneuver that can increase your deduction if you want to be more generous.

Keeping Corporate Profit -You're allowed to retain cash for legitimate, reasonable future business needs. Here's how.

Direct Mail Marketing - Despite the popularity of e-marketing, direct mail still works for many companies. How well it works depends on a number of variables. It's a game of percentages.Here are tips to help improve your company's odds of success.

Bankruptcy May be the Answer - Strugglng Businesses Get a Second Chance in  Bankruptcy, The "automatic stay" provision of the bankruptcy code gives companies a chance to get back on the right track. It provides relief from collection actions by creditors and even affects the IRS. Moreover, it can make it easier to obtain credit.

Leasing Equipment may save money Prudent businesses often choose to lease rather than buy equipment, vehicles and facilities. Leasing can be advantageous but the type of agreement you sign is important. When presented with lease options, you'll find the ones with the longest terms are generally the cheapest. But you may want to opt for a short-term version instead. Why?  If you should experience a business downturn, a long-term lease can be the shortest route to the poorhouse.

Collecting From Out of State Customers - Collecting bad debts from out of state customers can be difficult. here are some ideas.

Track Your Best Customers One way to ensure that you’re delivering the highest level of service to your trophy customers is to give them each a code. It helps your staff identify them and give them the kind of service you want to provide.

Business NegotiationsA good salesperson is usually able to get to the negotiating table. Once there, however, it takes a great salesperson to close the deal. The difference often comes down to an ability to negotiate skillfully. Here are nine negotiating tools to help salespeople improve their closing percentages.....

Simple "Thank You" can improve your businessIn today's electronic age when businesses look for new ways to improve profit, we sometimes forget that simple, time-honored gestures often work best. And it takes only two words: Thank You. Writing thank you notes may sound like an obvious tactic, but surprisingly, few companies do it. That's precisely why it will set you apart from the competition

12 Steps to increase Profits. Chances are, you have some great ideas on ways to increase profits at your company. But it takes more than ideas to make progress. It takes specific goals and a plan that will put feet under your ideas

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