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The Nigerian Scam

Here is an example of a typical e-mail scam letter designed to take your money:


From:James& Elizabeth.
Refugee Camp,Yamussoukro,
Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire.

Dear Respectful One,

Permit me to inform you our desire of going into business relationship with
you.I know you might be surprised on recieving this mail from us due to we have
not met before.

By brief introduction , I am James and Elizabeth my younger sister. We are
native of bouake district in republic of Cote d'Ivoire. We are the children of
late Chief and Mrs. Kevin Guei, who was assasinated by the rebels in our home
town during the recent political crises of 19th sept. 2003. Untill the death of
our parents, they were very wealthy Cocoa/cafe farmers & exporter based in
abidjan the capital city of coted'ivoire.

Before their death in a private specialist hospital, my father called me on his
bed side and secretly confided to me the sum of US$12.5 million dollars which
he deposited in one of the banks in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire for onwardly
transfer abroad for investment on his proposed cocoa processing company through
an assistance of a foreign partner.

My father also told me his intension to invest part of the money in
collaboration with oil companies in countries like Libya, America or Europe,
but unfortunately he died the way he did without accomplishing his objective as
a result of the rebels attack.

Having know that he will not survive from the injuries he sustained as a result
of the wounds and pains inflinched on him by the rebels, then advised me to
quickly and hurriedly go into his personal underground safe in our family villa
and take the documents covering the deposit in the bank and look for a true and
trustworthy foreigner assist us as partner to front to the bank as our late
parents partner abroad for immediate transfer of the money for investment in
any lucrative business of our chioce for our future welfare.

Upon the instruction and advice by my father before he finally died, I
therefore request your assistance to help us for onward transfer of the money
to your country for investment partnership with you in any lucrative business
in your country. We have agreed to give you 20% of the total sum immediately the
transfer is made, while 2.5% also will be set aside to cover all the expenses
you might incure on the process.

Upon your acceptance to our proposal, kindly get back to me through the above
email address so that we can discuss further process on the ways to achieve
this golden success together.

Note, we are still in the refugee camp Yamussoukro, Cote d'Ivoire, We need your
urgent attention to this mail because we want to leave here for a better future
with you abroad, as the rebels had killed our parent and also have taken over
my home town as their operational territory,
we look forward to you to help us with most urgency and honesty.

Expecting your reply soon.
Best Regard and God Bless you.
James & sister
Please to us at guei_2@-----------------------


Here is an Example of the 15% Check Cashing Scam


This is an example of the "job offer" variation of the check cashing scam:

Category: Tax and Taxation Law
Location: IN
Subject:  tax fraud

I recently found a job  offer in the local paper and the job position was Trade marketing, account management, and payroll.

Now the job consisted of receiving money orders from USA clients and going to my bank and cashing money orders from $2,000 to $5,000 and taking 7% of th emoney for my pay and than western union the rest to the person thst I was told you via emai.  Now this is all I am suppose to do for this ad in the paper.   Now is this legal in the USA and how much does the amount have to be before I have to pay taxes and does this type of job sound likea fraud or what???  Any information you may beed tell me and I can send you any info that I have from the job posting.  I was also contacted by the person who is based out of the USA and lived in the UK. 
Thank you,

Reply: ===========
Category: Tax and Taxation Law
Location: IN
Subject:  Re: tax fraud

THIS IS A SCAM!!!! DO NOT GET INVOLVED!!! The money orders and cashiers checks will be fakes. Initially, the bank will credit your account. You will then transfer the money. THEN, the cashiers checks and money orders will prove to be fakes and your account will be charged back.

I have other such scams listed on my website www.taxesq.com

I hope this helps!

Ron Cappuccio



A client was approached a while ago by an “investor” who would buy homes from distressed owners (ie: in foreclosure).  He would payoff the owner’s mortgage, plus some additional so they could stay in the house and pay him rent for a year.  The seller was promised that they could buy the home back at the end of the year.  The reality of it, of course, was that it would be impossible for them to do so.   The ‘investor” could kick the seller out at the end of the year and sell the home for full market value.

 The real result was that the “investor” was buying the home for less than market value, and the seller would go agree to it based on the promise that they could buy the home back.  This is one of the current “hot” real estate scams.


Category: Tax and Taxation Law
Location: FL
Subject:  Income taxes

can you guys please give me the law that says i have to pay income tax.  because all i can find is the 16th amendment and the it was put in to law in 1912 and the supreme court said that the amendment gave the goverment no new power to tax, and this country did not have income tax before 1912 and now we do!! so i was hoping you guys or ladies could give the exact law that states i have to pay tax on my income.  thank you so very much for your time and services

Category: Tax and Taxation Law
Location: FL
Subject:  Re: Income taxes

Obviously, you have been reading tax protester propaganda. I fight the IRS every day and I have never worked for the IRS. The Income Tax has repeatedly been held legal. The explanation is:

For federal income tax purposes, "gross income" means all income from whatever source derived and includes compensation for services. I.R.C. § 61. Any income, from whatever source, is presumed to be income under section 61, unless the taxpayer can establish that it is specifically exempted or excluded. In Reese v. United States, 24 F.3d 228, 231 (Fed. Cir. 1994), the court stated, "an abiding principle of federal tax law is that, absent an enumerated exception, gross income means all income from whatever source derived."

All compensation for personal services, no matter what the form of payment, must be included in gross income. This includes salary or wages paid in cash, as well as the value of property and other economic benefits received because of services performed, or to be performed in the future. Furthermore, criminal and civil penalties have been imposed against individuals relying upon this frivolous argument.

Please see:


I hope this helps!

Ron Cappuccio



Category: Business Law
Location: NY
Subject:  food service

I am a meat and cheese provider to deli in manhattan.  I have a potential customer who wants me to pay him $40,000+ up front to get his account. In return he will guarantee me a minimum of $2,000 in weekly sales. I have never attempted a contract of this magnitude.  Do any of your lawyers have any experience for this type of transaction?

Category: Business Law
Location: NY
Subject:  Re: food service

This sounds like FRAUD. Why are you paying $40k? Some deistribution arrangements (for example soft drinks) have the distributor supply a refrigerator. This sounds like a scam to get money from you to run the business. Bankruptcy, tax liens and other creditors could all be in front of you and you will LOSE YOUR MONEY!

Do not give them any money!

Ron Cappuccio


Virtualex.com Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M.(Tax) 1800 Chapel Avenue West Suite 128 Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 Phone:(856) 665-2121      Fax: (856) 665-9005 Email: ron@taxesq.com


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