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Retirement Plans can be a good method of tax-advantaged savings!


Solo 401(k) Plan.  If your business is essentially a one-person operation, there's a relatively new option to help you save more money for retirement: The Solo 401(k) plan.

IRA Withdrawals In general, it isn't wise to tap your tax-deferred nest egg before you retire because of the penalty you have to pay. There are some interesting exceptions to the general rule for you to consider.

IRA Rollovers - IRA Rollovers are limited to 60 days. What happens if you miss the deadline.

Alternative IRA Investments One nice thing about IRAs — including SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, and Roth IRAs — is that you have some freedom to manage the investments in them as you see fit. So you’re not necessarily restricted to investing only in traditional retirement account assets such as publicly traded stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Treasuries, and money market instruments.

Converting to a Roth IRA  Converting a traditional IRA into a Roth IRA can be a wise idea, depending on your circumstances. It's true that a conversion will trigger a current federal income tax bill, which is generally based on the balance of your traditional IRA reduced by any nondeductible contributions. However, the benefits will likely make the transaction worth it.

Protect Your Retirement

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