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Tax Planning Articles and Notes


Income Tax Hints - Good Ideas- SIMPLE Plans, Deduct Summer Camp, Save Income Tax on Vacation Rental, Deduct your RV

Deduct Business Expenses - Make sure your company takes full advantage of one of the best tax breaks available to business owners today the "Section 179" first-year depreciation allowance for equipment.

AMT - The Alternative Minimum Tax - a killer tax trap


Gifts can reduce both Income Tax and Estate Tax


Long Distance Tax Credit - some businesses can save significant money.

Residential Energy Tax Credit   As part of a large energy law passed last year, individual taxpayers can claim a tax credit for qualified purchases to make their homes more energy efficient. In February, 2006, the IRS issued guidance



explaining the type of home improvements that qualify for the energy credit. (IRS Notice 2006-26) As you know, tax credits are more valuable than tax deductions, because they reduce your federal (and possibly state) income tax liability dollar for dollar.


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